Let’s Meet In the Tavern: A The Green Mushroom Project Guided Meditation

This short meditation was written, read and produced by Luxa Strata and features graphic design by T. Grady. It was made for the purposes of guiding participants to The Green Mushroom Astral Space during Fungal Friday voice chats. Now, you too can join us in the Astral Tavern associated with The Green Mushroom Astral Temple on Friday night (or whenever) and take part in the fun and camaraderie, astrally! Much Love and Mush Love to everyone participating in the project, regardless of what that looks like for you in your practice.

Listen along on the Lux Occult podcast here or watch the Youtube video below.


Resist by maintaining Sovereignty of the Self.

Resist by maintaining Love of the Self.

Resist by maintaining fierce Loyalty to Love and Pleasure.

Resist with acts of Radical Kindness.

Focus on the Path to Better Times.

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