About the Project

The Green Mushroom Project is a large-scale, collaborative group magical working which began in October of 2020 and continues to grow. The Mushroom sigil is a “hyphosigil”, a reference to fungal mycelia, networks that exist below the surface, often interacting with other life forms, such as plants, in a mutually beneficial way. 

If the participants of the The Green Mushroom Project are like trees, than the hyphosigil project is like the mycelial network of fungi that connects and helps nourish us while allowing for the exchange of information and occult resources and technologies. 

The main objectives of the project are to build and strengthen community and empower individuals within it, to maintain solidarity against hate groups misrepresenting and co opting occult technology, and to encourage individuals to use powerful tech (like hypersigils) to become more agentic so that they can make changes in their life and in the world. The project is open to anyone who is called to work with it in a manner which aligns with the ethos and objectives outlined here. Many have found that incorporating the sigil into art or other creative endeavors is a good way to begin connecting with the energy of the “web”. There are also opportunities to work remotely with others doing rituals and experiments related to the project and to socialize during our Fungal Friday voice chats, which are held from 9PM to at least Midnight EST every Friday. If you do decide to join our voice chats, please be warned that we feel that laughter and fun are incredibly powerful, and incredibly healing, so we try to cultivate that in a respectful and inclusive way. We also love dick jokes. At midnight, we pause to light a candle with The Green Mushroom hyphosigil on it and say the following words to remind ourselves to Resist:


Resist by maintaining Sovereignty of the Self.

Resist by maintaining Love of the Self.

Resist by maintaining fierce Loyalty to Love and Pleasure.

Resist with acts of Radical Kindness.

Focus on the Path to Better Times.

Even if you never directly interact with any of the other participants in the project, you still know that we are out there, working together to Regain Ground. Much Love and Mush Love to everyone participating in the project, regardless of what that looks like for you in your practice.