Some Ideas for Individualized Variations on the Saprotroph Servitor Creation Process:

Dave’s Notes About Rituals for Servitor Raising:  Open the grove or magical space Invoke the servitor  Call for it to awaken, to come to life. Visualize life and energy being breathed into it and it coming to life.  Address it directly, talk to it, give it a task.   Keep track of results Your wand and […]

Saprotroph Servitors and How to Create One

Saprotrophs: A Magical Servitor Species Introduction: The magical species of servitors spawned from The Green Mushroom Hyphosigil Project are named Saprotrophs. The biological definition of a Saprotroph is “an organism that feeds on nonliving organic matter (known as detritus) at a microscopic level”. Like The Green Mushroom, the Saprotroph species will have the ability to […]