Let’s Meet In the Tavern: A The Green Mushroom Project Guided Meditation

This short meditation was written, read and produced by Luxa Strata and features graphic design by T. Grady. It was made for the purposes of guiding participants to The Green Mushroom Astral Space during Fungal Friday voice chats. Now, you too can join us in the Astral Tavern associated with The Green Mushroom Astral Temple […]

Introduction to The Green Mushroom Shared Astral Space and Astral Temple

Join Luxa as she and other The Green Mushroom Council members Arspex, Joy and Dave Ardrey from Unearthing Paranormalcy podcast conduct an experimental exercise intended to create this “audio welcome tour” of the shared astral space (imagination zone?) associated with the Hyphosigil. It’s a suitably psychedelic dive into the imaginal area that we have been […]

An Elemental Exploration of Light and Shadow

By Shane the Mindbender Explore the classical Western Esoteric concept of the four directions; North (body), East (mind), South (passion), and West (intuition) as they exist in your thoughts and actions. This guided meditation will lead you into the lower levels of the Green Mushroom Project’s shared astral space to do a bit of shadow […]

Connecting with the Green Mushroom

By Shane the Mindbender, Luxa Strada, and Joy the Sporceress Connect with the Green Mushroom Project in this guided meditation! First you’ll be guided through an imaginal technique to connect with our astral space, then you go off script in this Choose Your Own Adventure style activity! You can listen on the Lux Occult podcast […]

The Green Mushroom Project Zine – Call for Submissions

The Green Mushroom Project Zine – Call for Submissions We are looking for submissions for our first ever zine, “Fuck Around and Find Out: offerings of magical sovereignty from The Green Mushroom Project” coming this autumn!  This will be a non-profit labor of love, with a goal of providing print copies at cost and a […]