The Green Mushroom Project Zine – Call for Submissions

The Green Mushroom Project Zine – Call for Submissions

We are looking for submissions for our first ever zine, “Fuck Around and Find Out: offerings of magical sovereignty from The Green Mushroom Project” coming this autumn! 

This will be a non-profit labor of love, with a goal of providing print copies at cost and a digital version in PDF format, so everyone can bask in the fungal deliciousness of our collaborative chaos.

What can I submit? 

Anything that can be printed from a digital file. This includes: writing, art, spells, short essays, poetry, rituals, recipes, sigils, etc. There is no specific theme other than that it should relate to The Green Mushroom Project and/or magical stuff you fuck around with.

Entry guidelines:

Written: Maximum of 1200 words per entry (Word or txt document)

Art: Color or B&W. Maximum of 5 jpg or png files (300 dpi or higher for best print quality). Art should be vertically aligned (no two-page spreads). Max 500 words for descriptive text. 

Mixed art/writing: Maximum of 1000 words and 5 jpgs.

If you have something that doesn’t quite fit the above guidelines, contact us and we’ll see what’s good.

All entries must include: 

  • A title
  • A description of the work (is it art, a sigil, automatic drawing?) 
  • The name that you would like to be credited with.

Please email your submission to by 09/09/2022 at 9pm EST.

You may submit up to three entries. 

Example: One written piece of up to 1200 words, a short comic , and a 200 word recipe.

If we receive a large number of submissions, printing limits may inhibit the number of pages we include. In this case, we may contact you to choose which one/s will be included.

We encourage all forms of expression, but content that may be illegal (including copyright infringement) or that condemns others in any form will not be accepted. We will contact you if there are any technical or content-based issues with your submission.


Resist by maintaining Sovereignty of the Self.

Resist by maintaining Love of the Self.

Resist by maintaining fierce Loyalty to Love and Pleasure.

Resist with acts of Radical Kindness.

Focus on the Path to Better Times.