Days of the Week Green Mushroom Rituals

Prepared by Dave Ardrey

These are some simple, daily rituals that people can do independently or together and are presented for use by anyone who would like to add more The Green Mushroom Project workings into their practice. They are written from the perspective of incorporating the planetary energy associated with each day of the week, but can be performed whenever you want to do them.


These workings can be performed with or without the use of a magical circle or space. In the physical world or in our shared astral space

The only items you will need is:

A vessel you can start a fire in, 150 proof+ alcohol, match or a candle on Tuesdays

A tree on Wednesdays

A vessel you can drink out of on Thursdays

A stone on Saturdays

Before you perform the Active Workings, work out a single word or phrase that expresses your intention. For example, to help focus your mind more clearly in meditation you might use “clarity” “hyperfocus” or “my mind is clear of unwanted thoughts” take your time with crafting this intention, think through the implications of what you want, and steer clear of ambiguity.  One of the rules of magic is you get what you ask for, whether or not what you asked for is what you actually want.  Or as I like to put it “if your not specific about what you want, you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.”  

In my opinion it’s also more effective to phrase an intention as a statement of the situation you desire in the present tense.  Going back to the example of focus use “my mind is clear” as opposed to “my mind will be clear” or “I want my mind to be clear”.  The intentionality in this way focuses on the present reality, not a wish or hope for some far off future or an unfulfilled desire.  

For these Active Workings choose an intention that involves shaping your thoughts, feelings, or attitudes, rather than your physical self or anything outside yourself.  Working magic on yourself is easier at first, and the results are typically known sooner and more dramatically.  Once you have built skill you can reach further.


Calas – which is welsh for hard.  This is the source of form, stability, limits, and  the principle of matter.  Earth is a pretty good hermetic element comparison.

Gwyar – literally means blood but as a general meaning it’s fluidity.  The source of change, motion, growth, decay, and the principle of flow. Water is a pretty good hermetic element comparison

Nwyfre – means sky or heaven.  As an element it’s the source of life, consciousness, and the principle of the lifeforce. It’s the energy that places, people, and things hold.  For a comparison kung fu calls this chi, yoga calls it Prana and Eliphas Levi called it astral light.  Modern industrial societies have no word for it because this is the exact thing we are conditioned in America and some other western societies to ignore from a very young age. Mostly because it can’t be studied scientifically like how calas and gwyar can.  Nwyfre is the energy people radiate. It is also the feeling and awareness of that energy which in turn affects others around them.  This is why an angry bitter person can affect the mood of an entire room,  or a happy outgoing person can do the same. It’s the reason people are inspired by the motivator and it’s the uneasiness we get when there’s a  baby crying nearby.  Sixth sense, gut feeling, intuition, hunches, the vibes,  are just a few examples of what occultists or others, that don’t ignore this energy, have called it.  

Awen the divine inspiration that flows and the source of creativity is a concept of nwyfre.

Nwyfre Currents– There are two primary sources of nwyfre in our cosmos.  One of these is the Heart of the Earth symbolically the serpent, the dragon, the feminine, the current of power.

The other is the Sun symbolically birds, the hawk, the eagle, the heron, the masculine, the current of knowledge.

From these sources spring the two primary currents of nwyfre

The Telluric Current and the Solar Current.

The interaction between the currents offer more possibility for creative action than either current does on its own.  

They interact in various ways.  On the simplest level they balance each other out.  At the point of balance, possibilities of freedom and effective action exist.  

They set secondary currents of energy in motion.  In Celtic Legend the red and white dragon reflect the energies of the solar and telluric currents on the natural world.  

The third relationship between the solar and telluric currents yield the deepest result:

In the balanced fusion of Above and Below, two become three and a new force is brought in; the Lunar Current, symbolically the egg, the jewel, the sacred cup, the aur, and the child

Because the Lunar current cannot exist naturally in the individual or in the world.  It must be made by the balanced fusion of the solar and telluric currents.  

While the telluric current works through the body and its passions expressing itself through the lower aspects of human nature; forces of life, love, passion, and power that root in the body with an energy center within the body at the womb center.

The solar current acts through the mind and its perceptions expressing itself through the higher aspects of human nature, capacities for reason, imagination, abstract knowledge, and impersonal emotion.

With an energy center at the heart,

The lunar current expresses itself through the soul and its powers bringing healing, creativity, expanded awareness and illumination.

With an energy center in the middle of the head at the pineal center.  When this lunar current is awakened in an individual, it awakens the inner senses and unfolds into enlightenment and peace.  When it awakens in the land, it brings healing, fertility, and plenty.

This fusion of the Solar and Telluric currents giving birth to the lunar current can be learned by watching a seed sprout and grow into a tree.  The seed brings sunlight and soil together and transforms them into the substance of the growing plant.  It also brings solar and telluric currents together to form a spark of the lunar current at its meristem, the point of new growth.  In the fusion of above and below, two become three and a new force is brought into play.  

Cleansing Exercise

An exercise where people willingly come to drop baggage and negativity off to feed the Green Mushroom which will on its own turn it into something productive and beneficial.  

Think of the things you want to be rid of, the unbalanced, and harmful energies you would like absorbed from you.  These can be specific or they can be the energies that are harmful to you which you may or may not realize.

  1. Imagine yourself standing in front of the Green Mushroom,  
  2. Imagine yourself digging a hole and placing the energies you want to be rid of inside.
  3. Cover these with soil so they are absorbed and dissipated by the Green Mushroom.
  4. Feel yourself absolved of the unbalanced and harmful energies The Green Mushroom will feed off of this and grow.  
  5. Imagine the Green Mushroom raining spores upon you, that you absorb as energy into you.  This energy replaces what you fed it with something you need, something to balance and help you to make yourself more whole, healthy, and productive.  These can be specific things or they can be energies that are good for you which you may or may not realize.
  6. Feel yourself radiating with this new beneficial energy.

Monday: Spirit Below Gwyar        

Spirit Below represents the deep places of the Earth.  The world that human beings inhabit consists of four overlapping spheres, one each of air, fire, water, and earth.  The upper atmosphere corresponds to fire, the lower atmosphere to air, the seas rivers lakes and groundwater to water, and the solid crust of the planet to earth.  Below this lies a realm of unimaginable heat, pressure, and energy that drives the continents across the face of the planet and trembles the land with earthquakes.  This is the realm of Spirit Below.  Its symbol is the plain circle of Spirit.  

Receptive Spirit Below Working

The deep places of the Earth are the home of the telluric current, one of the two primary  nwyfre currents used in Druid Magic.  The telluric current flows through the crust and takes on the qualities of stones and metals as it flows through them.  It can be contacted anywhere in the realms of the four material elements.  

The Telluric Current Exercise draws nwyfre from the Living Earth into you and should be carried out in a place you can stand upon the bare ground, the grass, stone, or other natural surface.

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart with elbows out a few inches from your side.  Forearms and hands parallel to the ground, wrists straight, palms down and fingers pointing forward.  
  2. Try to feel the presence of the Earth beneath your feet, breathe slowly for a few minutes feeling the energy flowing into your fingertips from your feet.  
  3. Then bring your hands inward toward the vital center an inch below your navel, stopping a few inches from your body, palms towards you and fingertips nearly touching.  
  4. Imagine the Earth currents flowing from your fingertips into the midline of your body.  
  5. After a short time, move your hands slowly upward, maintaining the imagery, pouring the telluric current into the midline from the vital center up to the throat center.  At this point separate the hands,  sweeping them up and out to your sides, and bow deeply,  
  6. return to the first position with hands turned toward the earth.  3 to 9 cycles of this exercise is enough in a session.  

Tuesday: Fire                

Receptive Fire Working.

One way to make a safe, effective, and ecologically sound magical fire, is to get a fireproof bowl or small cauldron of metal.  Place it upon a heat proof surface where flames and heat can rise several feet without putting anything at risk.  Pour about a teaspoon of salt into the bottom of the vessel and about a half cup of pure grain alcohol (150 proof or more).  Light the alcohol with a match and sit where you can gaze into the flames.  Watch the flames, keeping your attention on them and clear your mind as much as possible.  Allow the energy of the fire to shine into you.  See where it takes you and what energy it brings into you.  You could also just use a small candle.

Fire absorbs and transforms nwyfre And can be used for purification.

Set up a fire in a place that needs to be purified, light it, and allow the flames to clear away unwanted energies.  If anything in yourself needs to be purified or transformed, offer it up to the fire mentally, and gaze into the flames until the fire goes out.  You could also use a small candle

Active Fire Working

The same type of fire can be used to charge yourself with an intention.  As you light the alcohol, say your intention aloud, and sit where you can gaze into the flames.  You can also imagine the flames turning an appropriate color as you watch them, allow the intention to radiate through its light. Gaze into the flames until the fire goes out.  You could also use a small candle and even a candle in the specific color of your intention.  

Wednesday: Spirit Within Calas        

In the Druid tradition this represents the presence of life and spirit within everything in the world, including you and me.  Druidry recognizes that human beings are part of one great reality, along with stones, trees, gods, and everything else.  The symbol for Spirit Within is yourself.

Receptive Spirit Within Working.

Trees and other green growing things are one of the classic emblems of Spirit Within.  The reasons are complex, touching the deep reaches of magical philosophy and practice, one explanation is here: Human beings and trees exchange energy easily and benefit each other in the process.  Just as trees thrive on carbon dioxide, which humans beings breathe out as a waste product, and produce oxygen that human beings need to survive, so the energy given off by many trees heals humans, while energy from humans nurtures trees.  The same is true of other plants, and many other things in the natural world.  An entire system of Druid natural medicine unfolds from the same principle.

  1. Start this exercise by selecting a tree.  Some are more beneficial to humans than others:pine, fir, and cedar are held to be the best, oak, beech, and apple not far behind.  Elm is traditionally avoided, its energies are unhealthy for human beings.
  2. You’ll need to request permission from the tree before exchanging energy with it. Like the non-human creatures, trees do not understand human language, they understand our emotional patterns.  Stand before the tree, and ask it silently if it’s willing to share its nwyfre with you.  Feel for the answer and respond accordingly.  
  3. If the tree gives permission, approach it and come into contact with it.  There are two traditional ways to do this.  

The first method focuses on the healing effects on your nervous system.

  1. Stand or sit with your back pressed against the trunk. For heightened effect  place your left hand upon the small of your back palm turned out touching the tree, and your right hand on your belly just below your navel, palm in.
  2. Relax your body as much as possible, feel the living presence of the tree.  An attitude of openness, friendship, and affection will yield the best results here.  10 to 15 minutes of quiet presence next to a large healthy tree will leave your own nwyfre cleansed and energized, and will do the same for the tree.  

The second method focuses on the healing of the organs of your chest and abdomen.  

  1. Stand facing the tree with your feet a few inches from it.  
  2. Lean forward and touch the front of your body and forehead to the tree.  For heightened effect place your hands at forehead level, forming a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers, spreading fingers comfortably.  Let your forehead rest in the center of this triangle.  
  3. Relax your body as much as possible, feel the living presence of the tree.  An attitude of openness, friendship, and affection will yield the best results here.  10 to 15 minutes of quiet presence next to a large healthy tree will leave your own nwyfre cleansed and energized, and will do the same for the tree.  

Thursday: Water        

Receptive Water Working.

Water is a reservoir of nwyfre in Druid Magic.  If you have access to traditionally sacred water sources, or have a water source that is sacred to you.  Drinking, bathing, or laving in this water can amplify your spiritual development.  To do this clear your mind of thoughts and be aware of the water as clearly as possible.  

Water also absorbs nwyfre from other sources, and can be used to purify yourself or anything.  39 degree Fahrenheit water works best to absorb nwyfre.  Bathing in cold water or a stream is a very effective way to prepare for magical work or spiritual development.

Active Water Working

You can charge water with intention, in a similar process as you can charge Air in color breathing.  

  1. Hold a vessel of water out in front of you in both hands.
  2.  State your intention in a sentence, phrase, or word.  
  3. Concentrate on the idea that the intention flows into the water and charges it.  
  4. Imagine the color corresponding most closely to your intention is flowing into the water from all over the universe, coloring it more and more intensely.  
  5. Drink the water concentrating on the idea you are absorbing the energy you have called into the water.                  

You can also anoint with this water.  

Friday: Air        

Receptive Air Working.

Air is a reservoir of nwyfre in Druid Magic.

Choose a condition of Air that expresses a quality you would like to develop in yourself.  For example still air for settling the mind and centering yourself.  A strong wind if you feel you lack strength. A light breeze if you feel burdened or stuck

When the air has the quality you need, go outside to a place you can feel the wind the best.  Face into it or face east.  Focus attention to your solar plexus, the area that you breathe energies in and out of.  Something we do all the time without noticing, practitioners have just utilized it by doing it consciously.

  1. On the inbreath Imagine you are drawing the quality you need out of the air and into yourself.  
  2. On the outbreath imagine that the quality spreads out from the solar plexus filling your entire body.  
  3. Repeat this 3 or 9 times maintaining concentration.  

Then thank the air in your own words.

Active Air Working

When air doesn’t express the quality you wish to develop in yourself.  You can charge the air with intention and then breathe it into yourself.  Do this by imagining the air around you filled with a color that expresses your intention.  

 Imagine the color you choose is flowing into your body with each inbreath and flowing out with each outbreath.  Filling not just your lungs but your entire body radiating from your solar plex to your extremities.  In your mind’s eye see your whole body glowing this color on the inbreath.  Concentrate on the idea that every trace of the color is flowing out and filling the space you’re occupying with the outbreath.  The idea behind this practice is when you concentrate on a specific color in the air around you the lifeforce around your body takes on the energies associated with that color.  When you draw this charged nwyfre into yourself, the energies affect your body and mind.  

Once intention is chosen, imagine the air around you is filled with a color that corresponds to the intention most closely. Using your personal correspondence you began exploring during the Receptive Air Working.

  1. Repeat the purpose silently three times
  2. Imagine it echoing through the air around Imagine the air around you is an ocean of the color you chose
  3. Imagine it filled with a mood or feeling appropriate to the intention.  

Once ready

  1. On the inbreath imagine  the color and the feelings spreading out from the solar plexus filling your entire body. Imagine your whole body is glowing with the color.
  2. As you breathe out, imagine every trace of the color and the mood flowing out of you and filling the space around you.  Do this for as long as you wish.

This technique is useful as a preliminary step for meditation.  While doing the rhythmic breath, (in 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, out 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds repeat)

imagine your breathing in and out an appropriate color.  

Saturday: Earth        

Receptive Earth Working.

Every spot on the living Earth has different magical properties, because the soil and stone underlying each place affects the nwyfre that flows up through them.  

While working with and learning the fourth gate arrange a visit to a place that is traditionally sacred or sacred to you.  

At this place pause outside the sacred area and clear your mind.  Enter with the intention of learning and experiencing the energies.  Keep your mind clear and receptive.  If circumstances permit, meditate while there, using the place itself as the theme for the meditation.  Done in this way, with intention, a visit to a sacred place can be a powerful, transforming experience.

Active Earth Working

You can charge stones with magical intentions in the same way you charge Air and Water.  

Choose a stone that is a good shape and size to carry in your pocket.  Wash it in cold water(around 39f) first, to remove dirt and clear away energies that were attached to it in the past.  Leave the stone in direct sunlight for one or more hours to finish the cleansing process.  

  1. Pick up the stone and hold it with the thumb and index fingers of both hands.  
  2. State your intention in a sentence, a phrase, or word.  
  3. Concentrate on your intention flowing into the stone and charging it.  
  4. Imagine that the color associated with your intention flowing into the stone from all over the universe, causing the stone to radiate more intensely with that color.  Build the imagery as strongly as you can then release it.  

Carry the stone or place it somewhere you spend plenty  of time.

Sunday: Spirit Above Nwyfre

The heavens are a potent reservoir of power for magic.  Every star and planet has its own magical energy that can be experienced and used.  The most powerful and positive force in the skies of Earth is the Sun.  The source of light and life for our world.  Your work with Spirit Above focuses on the Sun’s energy to begin with.  Later, as you gain experience, you can study other branches of this lore.

Receptive Spirit Above Working

The Solar Current Exercise draws nwyfre from the Sun within you.  This is performed in the morning between dawn and 10 a.m. when the skies are clear.  Find a place outside to stand in the Sun’s rays.  

  1. Stand facing the Sun, Feet shoulder width apart, eyes closed.  
  2. Raise your arms out to the sides so that your arms extend to the sides in the form of a cross, your fingertips point out to the sides and your palms are turned to face the Sun. Breathe slowly, concentrating on feeling the sunlight soaking into your body, especially into your fingertips for a few minutes.  
  3. Move both hands inward to your head, stopping a few inches from your forehead, palms facing you, fingers nearly touching each other.  
  4. Imagine the sunlight flowing from the fingertips into the middle of your head.  
  5. Then move your hands slowly from forehead to solar plexus, maintaining the imagery, pouring light from your fingertips into the midline of your body.  
  6. When you reach the solar plexus, sweep your hands out to the sides and bow as low as you can, return to the first position, arms spread greeting the Sun. 3 to 9 cycles of this exercise is enough.


Resist by maintaining Sovereignty of the Self.

Resist by maintaining Love of the Self.

Resist by maintaining fierce Loyalty to Love and Pleasure.

Resist with acts of Radical Kindness.

Focus on the Path to Better Times.