Remote Group Protection Ritual

Prepared by Luxa 21.FEB.21


This is a ritual that some members of The Green Mushroom Council performed on the 27th of February 2021. The intent of the ritual was to tap into the hyphosigil’s current to access protective energies which were then be directed towards a specific individual (the “child” referenced below). Additional energy will be raised and directed as we chant the mantra. The creation of protective salt will be a part of this ritual, and participants are encouraged to use it as they see fit.

Perform this ritual, or some version of it, on your own and tell us about your experiences in the comments!

You will need:

  • A candle with The Green Mushroom Sigil
  • A piece of paper with the sigil for this working (it’s in black and white and is circular in shape) to burn or dispose of
  • For Protection Salt:
    • Table Salt 
    • Optional: Mortar and pestle 
    • Optional: Crushed up eggshells
    • Optional: Incense  
  • Optional: Drum or other instrument to play while chanting mantra
  • Optional: a small candle (like a birthday cake candle) and water as an offering to Lethe 
  • Treats for “Beer and Twinkies” (whatever you’re into)


  1. Light incense. Intro and explanation to make sure everyone is on the same page 
  1. Banish with IAO-  here is a video of Yara demonstrating this:
  1. Listen to the audio track 
    1. This track is intended to help us get into similar headspace
    2. Here is a link to the track:
  1. Invocation:
    1. We will call on Hekate, a goddess who predates the Greco-Roman mythology most commonly associated with her. She is a lightbearer and opener of pathways and is often considered to be the Mother of Witches. We are also going to call on Daghda from Celtic Mythology, who has a club with one end which destroys and one which creates. Special thanks to Dave Ardrey for writing His invocation! 
  1. “On this day I invoke The Good God,  The All Father,  and in great name of Daghda (“Dada”) High King of the Tuatha De Danann (“Too Ah ha , Day , Duh Nahn”) I ask you  join with me in the circle of the grove.  Grant me your blessings and receive my blessings in return.   Watch over the child, protect, cherish, and guide her existence in the turning of the year’s wheel”
  1. I invoke you, Hekate, Phosphorus, Kleidoukos. Wise Mistress of all realms, She who stands at the Crossroads and holds the Key which unlocks all gates. I ask that you join with us tonight in this sacred space. Hold your torches high and light the path that leads to security and safety. Watch over the child, protect, cherish, and guide her existence in the turning of the year’s wheel”
  1. Place the salt and eggshells (if you’re using them) near the candle with hyphosigil and light the candle. 
  1. Creation of Protection Salt
    1. We will now use the ritual space we have reacted to create Protection Salt. Salt has the magical property of being able to hold energy or intention very readily. The salt we use in this ritual will take on the protective energies we have raised here tonight. It’s ok if you don’t have the optional ingredients, the salt will do as you ask of it, but the extras could add some nice synergy. Eggshells are often symbolic of protection.  The incense ash is to add something tangible from this ritual to the salt, and also give it added power. The ashes began as one thing and were transformed into another, a powerful “alchemical” process.   
      1. Combine the salt with the eggshells and ashes mix together. If you have a mortar and pestle, grind them together. 
      2. “By my Will I create this magical salt which will preserve and protect it’s bearer. (Stir 3 times). My Will has been worked and it is done, manifest in this world.” 
  1. Chant Mantra:
    1. Note: because of how Discord is set up, there is no way for us to all chant at the same pace. Don’t worry about coordinating with others, just zone out and do your own thing. We’ll use a bell to mark the starting and stopping points.
  1. Prayer and offering to Lethe. Special thanks to Joy for contributing this!
    1. Light the candle first. A dab of water on the crown with the first verse below, one on the forehead with the second, and one on the heart with the third. Upon completing the last verse, burn the sigil and then snuff the candle out, signifying the darkness of forgetting or becoming invisible.

I sing of you, o soft-flowing Lethe; 

Dark goddess of the murmuring river, 

That brings sweet oblivion in its wake.

I sing of you, dusk-whispering lady, 

You who exists in black euphoria 

And the madness of perfect clarity. 

I sing of you, queen of the shadows; 

Pour your waters into the mouth of the misguided, 

Cast your darkness over their mind, that they might forget; 

Render their victims invisible to their thoughts, 

and may all be at peace.

  1. Closing words 
  1. Beer and twinkies (or whatever treats you prefer)
    1. Note: it’s a tradition in some paths to have “Ale and Cakes” incorporated into a ritual or celebration. Typically, a bit of whatever you’re eating/drinking is given as an offering to who or whatever you think might be helping. 

Thanks to Matt/@CamRev for the dope site! This is how I got the mantra for this ritual and the sigil for the audiomancy track I made as a side part of this . Check out the sigil generator and other awesome tools as well as thoughts about magick!


Resist by maintaining Sovereignty of the Self. 

Resist by maintaining Love of the Self. 

Resist by maintaining fierce Loyalty to Love and Pleasure. 

Resist with acts of Radical Kindness.

Focus on the Path to Better Times.