Saprotroph Servitors and How to Create One

Saprotrophs: A Magical Servitor Species


The magical species of servitors spawned from The Green Mushroom Hyphosigil Project are named Saprotrophs. The biological definition of a Saprotroph is “an organism that feeds on nonliving organic matter (known as detritus) at a microscopic level”. Like The Green Mushroom, the Saprotroph species will have the ability to feed on that which is not helpful or productive and transmute it into energy for growth. Saprotrophs are a magical species in that they all share the same basic code (or program or nature) but this is expressed in different ways. Much like members of a species of animals will share many common traits yet be distinct individuals, Saprotrophs will be customizable based on the needs of the practitioner while still remaining in contact with the current of The Green Mushroom Hyphosigil. 

The Green Mushroom ‘Zygospore’ or ‘Breeding’ Sigil  can be imagined as a two-dimensional representation of two hyphosigils spinning together. Here, the ‘M’ in TGM is represented by the symbol of Awen. The Zygospore Sigil also symbolizes fungal hyphae “touching tips” in order to exchange genetic material. 

Generation Process:

Summoning a personalized Saprotroph for your own use is not unlike the normal process for creating a servitor, but with added expedience. First, there is the advantage of having the energy of the Hyphosigil’s current available for use in the creation or summoning process (different opinions exist about how this “actually” happens). Secondly, a special ‘Zygospore’ or ‘Breeding’ sigil had been created to act as catalyst in the creation or summoning process and to be a link or magical gateway which your Saprotroph can use to manifest. This will make it easier for less experienced practitioners to easily obtain their Saprotroph servitor. 

The procedure outlined below was adopted from the Non-Paradigmal Magick Project developed by The Faith Blind Council and places The Green Mushroom as the Egragore from which the network of Saprotroph servitors will be spawned. The procedure can be followed as is, or adapted to more closely fit your way of practicing. Some examples will be provided for what different The Green Mushroom Council members have done to obtain their Saprotroph. 

Dismissing a Saprotroph:

The Saprotrophs can easily be dissolved or dismissed for any reason at any time by calling them by name and telling them to return to their source. They will return to the general current of the Hyphosigil via their link with it. Their programming or customization will be dissolved and the energies present within them will be realigned and reinstated within the general current via their connection with the Zygospore Sigil. 

Things to Keep in Mind:

Please remember, like all The Green Mushroom Project tech, this process has been tested by a small group but should still be considered experimental. Always maintain the same practice of meditation, journaling, and banishing that you would when using magick of any kind. If you are new to practicing magick (or even if you’re not), it is good to keep an eye out for the common pitfalls so that they can be avoided where possible. 

All attributes of the Hyphosigil project will be embodied by the Saprotroph entities created from it, so please keep this in mind when interacting with your Saprotroph. Do not ask it to do something which is contrary to its basic operating functions. Although there is some philosophical disagreement on this point, it is the opinion of the authors that when dealing with anyone, including magical entities, it is always best to observe the “Golden Rule” (treat others the way that you would like to be treated) and to maintain an attitude conducive to the ideals of Respect and Reciprocity. Countermeasures are built into the Saprotroph specie’s programing (or magical DNA) which will prevent them from being used for purposes which are contrary to the objectives of The Green Mushroom Hyphosigil Project. These contingencies will not be detailed here, for obvious reasons, but it can be stated that the difference between a medicine and a poison lies only in its proper application. In short, just don’t be a dick!

Basic Functions of the Saprotroph Magical Species: 


  1. Saprotrophs can act as a connection point/gateway to the GMP astral temple. 
  2. Saprotrophs absorb and transmute the following: 
    1. Hate, Hurtful Ignorance, Confusion, Neurosis, Parasitism, Predation, Sabotage, Manipulation, Undeserved Anger
    2. Attacks classified as those which will not make the practitioner stronger to defend against
    3. That which the practitioner lacks the resources to bear
    4. That which the practitioner lacks the ability to defend themselves against.
    5. Obstacles that impede healing, clarity, vitality, motion/adaptation.
  3. What is produced by the transmutation process helps support, strengthen and nourish anyone in contact with it. This includes the Saprotroph, the practitioner, and The Green Mushroom Hyphosigil network. This energetic product may also be shared with others, given as an offering, fed into feedback loops, etc. ,in other words, it is transmissible.
  4. Some of the energy that has been transmuted by the Saprotroph will be programmed for use in restoring the local and social ecosystems of the practitioner.  


  1. The Saprotrophs will not harm the practitioner or their families and pets, and will not damage the possessions, home or working space of their creators. 
  2. That which the entity shields, absorbs and transmutes cannot be used to impede personal growth of the part of the practitioner. 
  3. Saprotrophs will not do things which run counter to The Green Mushroom Project, the Saprotroph network or any participant’s best interest, and cannot be used in a manner which is opposed to the philosophical underpinnings of the project (without activating the countermeasures). 

The Green Mushroom Statement of Resistance:


Resist by maintaining Sovereignty of the Self. 

Resist by maintaining Love of the Self. 

Resist by maintaining fierce Loyalty to Love and Pleasure. 

Resist with acts of Radical Kindness.

Focus on the Path to Better Times.   

Ritual For The Green Mushroom Saprotroph Servitor Creation

Note: If you’re into imagination magick, you may wish to incorporate the ritual space in The Green Mushroom Astral Temple into this working by imagining yourself conducting it there (or by some other means which make sense to you). 

To obtain your Saprotroph, you will need the following:

  • A candle with The Green Mushroom Hyphosigil 
  • The Green Mushroom ‘Zygospore’ or ‘Breeding’ sigil 
  • Your Magical Journal 
  • A list of things you would like your Saprotroph to help you with (this can be expanded upon later if need be). Some practitioners prefer to have this in the form of a letter addressed to the servitor being created. One advantage of this is that the letter can easily be added to. 
  • Drawing paper and pen, pencil, marker, or other drawing implement 
  • Components and materia which represent your work with The Green Mushroom Project or correspond to what purposes you are going to be customizing your servitor to fulfill.
  • Any suitable offerings you wish to give to the Mushroom. This could be physical, in the form of food or drink or other such offerings, or it could be metaphorical, like “gross things” you wish to feed to the Mushroom so that they may be saprotrophically transmuted. 
  • Optional: A means of listening to the Zygospore Sound Sigil, which has been ritually produced to assist with the Saprotroph creation process


  1. Perform a banishing of your choice.
    1. Here is a video of Yara demonstrating the IAO banishing:
  2. Light the candle with the hyphosigil
  3. Say the Statement of Resistance 
  4. Optional: Listen to the Zygospore Sound Sigil
    1. Link to Track:
  5. Place the breeding sigil on a suitable altar or on the floor in front of you. Place the representative components before the Zygospore sigil. As you place each component, state out loud what that component represents to you and why you are using it to create or summon your Saprotroph servitor.
  6. Say aloud, “I request the service of a Saprotroph. Come to me and aid me in [state your intentions for your Saprotroph Servitor]. Come to me, to fulfil your purpose. Come to me, to fulfil your nature. 
  7. Begin chanting the following mantra, either aloud or mentally. Concentrate on summoning forth the feeling of your connection to The Green Mushroom’s web
  8. Give your servitor its name and sigil as revealed to you by The Mushroom, or your connection to it, by entering gnosis through any suitable means. Upon reaching your gnostic state,  draw the sigil for your Saprotroph and write the name for it that presents itself to you. 
  9. Charge your servitor by saying, “Saprotroph, you have been called forth by [Your Name]. By my will, I name you [Saprotroph’s Name]. You are [Saprotroph’s Name], and I, [Your Name], charge you with assisting me in my pursuits of [state your intentions]. By assisting me, so shall you add to the collective power of the Hyphosigil’s current and work to saprotrophically transmute harmful energies so that they may be used to improve that which surrounds me. By my will, it is done!”
  10. Meditate for a short time over the power you have exerted and over the servitor you have created. When you are ready, give thanks to The Green Mushroom by saying,  “Green Mushroom, by your current and by my will, [Saprotroph’s Name] is created to empower both my magick and your growth. So it is done! Green Mushroom, I thank you for the gift of your assistance. I shall honor it by maintaining an attitude of Respect and Reciprocity.” If you feel so inclined, now is the time to give The Mushroom any offerings. You have prepared. 
  11. When you are ready, close the ritual and note your experience in your journal. 

Additional Resources: 

Project Non Paradigmal Magick:

Saprotroph definition.

About the Zygospore Sound Sigil Track: 

This track was created for the purpose of aiding practitioners in creating their Saprotroph Servitor and to serve as a means of amplification of the ritual The Green Mushroom Council used to launch the Saprotroph network on 31 OCT 21. It was produced by combining samples from the public domain with Statements of Intent (SOIs) ritually recorded by members of The Green Mushroom Council.

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