an experiment by The Green Mushroom Project 

The 23:Bibliomancy experiment began on May 23, 2022 at 8PM EST. It is being conducted for the purposes of divination and is intended to produce a small corpus of sacred scripture composed of lines arrived at via bibliomancy and arranged via random chance. Each participant submitted the 23rd line on the 23rd page of the book they had selected, rolled dice for the order of the placement of the lines, gathered the text together and performed exegesis on whatever we produced. This was done on the 23rd of each month, for 5 months, with the goal of creating a piece of scripture for the group. In the sixth month, participants gathered to perform exegesis on the text arrived at in the first five iterations of the experiment. Automatic writing was then conducted and the results fed into an online cut-up generator, producing the 6th Book.  For iteration 7 and those that followed, we returned to our normal protocol. Each month on the 23rd day, participants meet online to add the 23rd line of the 23rd page from the book that “wants” to participate. After these lines are compiled, dice are rolled to see what order they will be arranged in. The resulting text is then discussed. This experiment will run for 23 iterations.

The exegesis we’ve conducted on the portion of the scripture we’ve discovered so far has been used for a variety of divinatory applications. As the Green Mushroom Project nears its third birthday (founded October 31, 2020), we are now preparing to celebrate by choosing five random lines from the text which will be used to inspire the ritual we will conduct to celebrate. 

“When I designed this experiment, I wanted there to be a way for participants to enter a “digital ritual space” together before conducting the work of arranging the lines by rolling dice. Having had good results with using audio magick tracks produced for this purpose in other scenarios, I decided to produce a special 23:Bibliomancy track. I first searched for sound clips in the public domain using “23” as the search request. I used these sound clips to create a sonic collage (something I play with often in my experiments with audio magick and music). For the first five months, I added the text we had discovered the previous month to the track, creating a new version of it for the next 23rd.” – Luxa Strata

The Green Mushroom Project 23:Bibliomancy Scripture: 

Book 1: discovered May 23, 2022

1:1 “She sees nothing around her but ghost fragments of the brightness of what she has lost

1:2 I shall face a battle I know not, 

1:3 Plunder as long as they live (which is practically for ever, un- 

1:4 The electronic age is a world in which causes and effects become almost interchangeable, as in 

music structures. 

1:5 building and development. Capacity building is seen as a key strategy to sustain- 

1:6 The Ch’i state has a reputation for cowardice 

1:7 earls of Mercia and Northumbria 

1:8 counterfeit worlds – some are real worlds as well as deranged private worlds 

1:9 The apamarga is the sole ruler over all plants- 

1:10 Karlof and Bela Lugosi, whose voices he totally appropriated. I 

1:11 Glass does not need to be expensively etched to be beautiful” 

Book 2: discovered June 23, 2022

2:1 “Of course, my love, with all you do!” Fanny 

2:2 And when you are with another being’s mind, you are the being’s mind

2:3 “female” ones. And this over-masculinization has had a profound 

2:4 adreneline. I’m slouched on the couch, which is less the fault of my 

2:5 from a typical rabbit of a million years ago or the typical rabbit 

2:6 Magic is anarchic, wild, and antistructural 

2:7 s Agrippa’s De Occulta Pilosophia and the grimoires allegedly 

2:8 from? Who or what put it all together? 

2:9 in the direction of fulfilling a goal that may still only be inwardly – 

2:10 type, the letters cluster together, and again you must go at the poky 

2:11 I will not say to the court of Diogenes, for he had no court, great or small 

2:12 their axioms to keep them from implying statements that contra 

2:13 So yell if you don’t understand something. My 

2:14 and “meaning” are revealed directly to the dreamer. On a global 

2:15 At the touch of a switch, the dreaming library was brilliantly illuminated 

Book 3: discovered July 23, 2022

3:1 al 1998; Brindle 2006). The biomechanics of closed-chain exercises mean that multiple

3:2 liquid wax. He shaped and smoothed the wax, thus conceal- 

3:3 has begun to wilt. 

3:4 name of this city is in Spanish the city of angels,” he wrote in 

3:5 is the ever-present possibility of social shaming that is the motive force of 

3:6 ship.” He started to Run. “I don’t want to know, I don’t want to see, I 

3:7 us) have chosen to deepen our spiritual journeys by pursuing initiatory work 

3:8 I alluded earlier to the problem of speed, but this is also a problem 

3:9 Then the priest shall put these curses in writing, and wash them off into the water of bitterness. 

Book 4: discovered August 23, 2022

4:1 Zoey met eyes with a worried Perra, then returned her 

4:2 Naturally since we’re talking about creating a 

4:3 The seven sets of six-letter combinations comprising the “Forty 

4:4 the situation and successfully replaced or overcome the existing Fire 

4:5 Callie said. “But I really am stumped. What does 

4:6 possibly hardwired into the souls of some, that actually enriches and 

4:7 clean that it appeared to have just been washed. 

4:8 8. The goddess Strife is treated unjustly by the immortals. For they do not want 

4:9 near Walgett where the eagle eyes are two deep holes in the 

4:10 The thyroid cartilage is the rather large structure that forms the Adam’s apple

4:11 reiterate that they have to be understood as coming in degrees along a sliding

4:12 a powerful conjuration the angel Tzadkiel appears to The conjurer 

Book 5: discovered September 23, 2022

5:1 eloquence; most necessary to gain your ends, or maintain 

5:2 On the night of the dark moon,while you are sitting quietly at your dark.

5:3 can you trust the silent knowing 

5:4 in serving others. Try to remove the suffering of other people. Once you

5:5 to dissolve the sugar, loosely cover with a lid, and set aside to

5:6 create the space for the journey to occur 

5:7 our Creation stories the origin of strawberries is important. Skywoman’s 

5:8 All of these, knowers of sacrifice, cleanse their defilements by practice.

5:9 COSCINOMANCY divination by a sieve suspended on shears 

5:10 transgender news, since gay and mainstream media didn’t cover it, 

5:11 whom had long titles and honorifics both before and 

5:12 output from an AI. It’s sort of a dossier on Mitchell, with a 

5:13 my bag, cause they’re so new. Figured I’d give it up if anyone asked. Nobody said a 

5:14 outer planet transit that it accompanies. But the event cannot be described without 

5:15 the stigma of having abandoned his parents and his ancestors — but this is preferable to an 

isolated existence 

5:16 lonely, bounded by a high brick wall. 

Book 6: discovered October 23, 2022

6:1 solation, now we’re again. Remove one then and change the swim 

6:2 yourself and others climb and can feel my them dancing through the 

6:3 is slain before the altar immortal. This guidance is to swirl among They heaped gifts at

6:4 so deeply been submerged forced magicians into solitary are duplicitous and self-serving. 

6:5 off the ground. Images your resources. It implying statements that build a to plunder long 

6:6 embodied people. The long of Progress sullied a drifter who’d come down 

6:7 replace or overcome intent. Cry to me to others outside our the torches are 

6:8 our magical connections work be happy, do Their private lives your spiritual contact is how

6:9 hilt of Vision the has degenerated power Escape the threat of impotence 

6:10 group. Our spiritual a musician? It is I me a smile. Because it’s The library is 

6:11 first preparing. I have armchair magic. Use change wasn’t an you to keep writing new

6:12 Hah Hem Ho. New Moon. Will you your life, being in simply knowing. The 

6:13 are all connected. we are. They the resonance of growth culture. Signs It was a time 

6:14 best. Where do glimpses of their plans in it all behind Allies. Our ancestors his

6:15 slain to the God Take the purse from your group’s experiences upon the soil, then

6:16 lit in my library. Behold Our plan does root work Open 

6:17 purge some unwanted acculturation in putting it to practice. is enough blood to 

6:18 the point and practice are bound to to be appreciated. But when they are invoked, your

6:19 to us all. We are magical texts emerged from? Who the rows we are biological beings and

6:20 the unwelled the as well. Don’t give of the sanguine life of them sing with 

6:21 flames to your death temple I have created. indicate success. There may be 

6:22 in our society today we are talking heart trying to claw around 

6:23 emanates Thwarting against my stunting incarnation and they will long after 

6:24 revelations can help others. The the “high brick wall”. who wrote Agrippa’s De 

6:25 purged is useful in other consoled my own not merely allow it to 

6:26 order to restore our original to prevent this. When you connect Which gives you 

6:27 minds, the heat of knowledge by you. Luxa began this group if you must 

6:28 curtains of time. power have revealed the changes in ourselves we of the ascended

6:29 through the waters of “Male energy” must must bring healing and love sink through 

6:30 all is essential. Being in control the O’Earth. And now as your growth resource. 

6:31 from people in places of spirits with this wrong kind of dust. Hee come to where 

6:32 in opinion upon my beloved my lips and forge through serving others? To create 

6:33 from Scotland. Ninety widely overlooked Sneak around the the higher self. A novice 

6:34 the first sound. despair can be ingested Give yourself completely Void from which it

6:35 flowers coming into bloom in our bodies interact to the spirit lost found refuse 

6:36 within Gaining human rights big US. You the idea of only call to is worried but open to 

6:37 I who inspired the grimoires. reading them. I encourage throat and let your voice 

6:38 stares built into the Sides is tempered. My visions Listen to the 

6:39 devidence the wilde inter. Thrice more than ours since we in there an

6:40 way. We may be worried one. Sinclair was synaptic residence untold the hierarchical

6:41 dogmatic repetition have shifted this shame by practicing spirituality me, great or small.

6:42 the golden calf focus on the original of love, connection, healing, and 

6:43 the next and cast them vantage can see travel through the throat. our feet while 

6:44 and trite. Leave and burned, dilute in a destructive Little sparkling lights that swarm

6:45 when the world be felt in harmony. gather they grow brighter, let and secret practice. It

6:46 for a… a boy like initiates. The written word and knowledge? With a hope of 

6:47 dunderneath that a feeling in Bewildered pools of once more to rise now are not admired

6:48 Allies remind us that their not have to be extravagant forward into the barrier.

6:49 Disappear into it and live to deliver the you are all appreciated. of the dirt, 

6:50 are purged of stress and all of the shade the existing fire. Clear your eat them again 

6:51 have had there their profession. Leveling up with contra of lies, losing It’s easy to

6:52 Allies on my plane. Pierre are vast and that the only value revered 

6:53 human spiritual development, befor and now and given many opportunities details. The art 

6:54 “female energy” and of the moment, and when I feel unwell we reach our goals 

6:55 as well as with other is us. The (and other) group There is little value 

6:56 becomes master when now. Thier timeline is long. you think the great 

6:57 Who’s actions lead to My heart aches for and their mind merges. to my temple you

6:58 author as well as Experience the gift natural connections. We must be heard! ” You want

6:59 (s). Beware of preceding times in find contentment in life from within. The 

6:60 deprives us of energy. We vast. I will wilde ones have drank and 

6:61 persuasive when you’re an imposter. lit by the fire we time and space. Build 

6:62 and form ov dancing with suppose I am an from a once strong connection. 

6:63 Allies talk through together to face have chosen to deepen of decay and disgusting actions

6:64 books. Bring content to the of deep earth where will build in our 

6:65 enough. People need to heal our history have who have no court with gather into this

6:66 receptive to this sharing and flicker. When they has moved. Stagnation doesn’t 

6:67 my symphony. Perra says “Naturally, with spirit best when they Into lush diamonds

6:68 combinations comprising 40 songs Occulta Philosophia. It was 

6:69 moment. Remember, this started in ego. That is how helped those channelers 

6:70 our hearts when want to restore our about the idea of creating us to provide this help.

6:71 no’ a place the told. I am ravenous time drains your spirit. It Now one is publicly 

6:72 Leaders of our here and attempting scorn. There are when uncertainty called 

6:73 unity. Meditate on the next some hard feelings, but or tomes. This could successfully 

6:74 the dreaming spirit. Over all the life has find equilibrium in is monetary power. 

6:75 us an outstanding shamed for speaking of of mirrors They have lived as role models.

6:76 They The balance between in the christ work more “female energy” to 

6:77 and languor. Leap upon the pool knowledge. We can make not speak to 

6:78 improvement. Our Allies have internet has given are even more maligned.

6:79 of their connection. This and analytical all the opportunity to gather with the 

6:80 like minded and my works. Do you barring of light in secret, among only other 

6:81 open trenches and the we will feel in we look upon Eat of the fruit 

6:82 and Keep writing letters, I enjoy that what will be inroads and connections to 

6:83 parts of our lives. Our and respect isn’t 7 sets of 6 note be presentable and even 

6:84 systems of belief this is a growth I am listening, my ear shut in on itself. to know more 

6:85 your spiritual journey by up simply because the group

Book 7: discovered January 23, 2023

7:1 But neither age nor blindness had dulled her wits 

7:2 happens if one forms products of elements. In our setting what this means is in effect that 

7:3 Back and forth captains would appreciate it. Otherwise it would have been 

7:4 moments the plane appeared to tear through webs of crimson 

7:5 When he had spoken, he led the way and they followed. 

7:6 ‘But Hal shook his head. “Not that simple,” he said.

7:7 In your minds eye you may see a wise person, a cloaked figure, or simply a

Book 8, Discovered February, 2023

8:1 thinking never yields accurate description of metabolic process –

8:2 Hear me, or if about thy courts be girded

8:3 Gather around me and sing their love songs into

8:4 Now, you probably noticed that a bunch of what I said there was

8:5 the early advocates of the Bio-Dynamic Method of farming and

8:6 What else could he be, with all society ranged against him? But do not con-

Book 9 Discovered April, 2023

9:1 -fect If you sit in this position, outstretch your arms, and reach for the

9:2 to lie down or put a paper bag over our head or something

9:3 …ushered into a corridor that had a large vault-like door at its end

9:4 and the Archangel Michael, Later, in my room I

Book 10 Discovered May, 2023

10:1 local gods, giving to their sanctuaries the name of the god adored; A

10:2 all the autochthonic goats died out, and, along with them, the ritual.

10:3 The ground fell from under her. She let the Electro screen slip

10:4 Masonry was the first apostle of Equality

10:5 If we take Free Will as a defining quality, or perhaps THE

10:6 onto Marylin Monroe. If a million men do that, and leave it

Book 11 Discovered June, 2023

11:1 breath may have already slowed naturally over the 10

11:2 Frightened.

11:3 Find an array of little bottles, old perfume bottles of interesting shapes

11:4 Trust to assemble an international coalition

11:5 “curious, involuntary feat of fantasy, in which his rational mind had no”11.6 nostrils and expands into your lungs. Notice the brief

Book 12 Discovered July, 2023

12:1 Enjoy the book!

12:2 Sakurazawa Nyoiti, Macrobiotics (1972)

Book 13 Discovered August, 2023

13:1 investigational tool, as a common thread to a kind of unilateral

13:2 mother, dreamed she came in to wash their faces with lye, to cut

13:3 of her son had lain. She called to her husband, who climbed the ladder

13:4 collective oppression social movement liberation

Book 14 Discovered September, 2023

14:1 God, I missed you! Why has it been this long, though? I know you

14:2 du, change the S of Sautoy to a Z and you can join us.’ I hand’t a clue

14:3 Ah. I had completely missed it. I must be too weary to not be serious. This is a grave matter.

14:4 the Milky Way, !gu !ko!kemi, “the backbone of the sky,” and the ridge of stars overhead

14:5 it had been so distracted from it’s duties by a mere momentary drown-

14:6 deed, every physical or mental glitch of pride, pain or anxiety-

14:7 designates the upper range and is appropriate for high instruments like the

14:8 Their requests for a funeral were met with rejection. A refusal to offer either a

Book 15 Discovered October, 2023

15:1 Who can tell what a baby thinks? Who can follow the gossamer link,

15:2 “Wormtail will get us drinks, if you’d like them,” said Snape.

15:3 when teaching us needed lessons for which we may be grateful years

15:4 Take some time to be at your altar space regularly, even if just to sit for a

15:5 Fore creative exercises in making conscious those aspects of craft

15:6 pressure to fit a familiar and simple narrative of going from one point to another.”

15:7 time-space sector belongs to God eternally:

23:Bibliomancy audiomantic permutation playlist:

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