Archive: FAFO pt. II: The Green Mushroom Project and We the Hallowed Digital Mixtape

The Green Mushroom Project is teaming up with the We the Hallowed occult art and media magick collective to bring you “Fuck Around and Find Out 2: Audio Offerings of Magical Sovereignty from The Green Mushroom Project and We the Hallowed”- our first ever digital mixtape, coming this Fall! 

We are now looking for submissions!

This will be a non-profit labor of love, with the goal of providing a collection of audio offerings which have been organized according to aesthetic and made available for free digital download.  

What can I submit? 

Anything that can be a HQ playable digital audio file (WAV). This includes: music, song, spoken word, audio rituals, etc. There is no specific theme other than that it should relate to The Green Mushroom Project and/or magical stuff you fuck around with. 

Entry guidelines:

  • Entries must purvey your personal creative/magical praxis.  Obviously, this could mean various things! However, it must be audible and include modulation of some type (no John Cage silences or unending one-tones). 
  • Five min. 23 sec. time limit. Please submit tracks which are 00:05:23 or shorter in length. 

All entries must include: 

  • A title
  • A description of the work (is it a song, a sigil, automatic writing read aloud?) 
  • The name that you would like to be credited with

Please email submissions to [email protected] by 05/23/2023 at 5pm EST.

You may submit up to three entries. 

By submitting work, you agree that we are allowed to publish it digitally as part of the playlist or sample it for purposes of informing people about the project. You will be credited using the name you provide. 

We encourage all forms of expression, but content that may be illegal (including copyright infringement) or that condemns others in any form will not be accepted. We will contact you if there are any technical or content-based issues with your submission. 

WtH logo art by Eric J. Millar